I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like BACON!  And when it comes to a BLT, B is only letter that matters to me.  I like my bacon extra crispy and piled high.  Ice cold lettuce, a ripe red tomato with a dash of salt & pepper, the right amount of mayo and toasted white bread.  Perfection!

A BLT is so versatile it can be eaten for lunch or dinner.  My lunchtime pick is a dry sparkling rose.  The bubbles cut through the fat of the bacon and refresh the palate.  Because the wine is typically lighter in alcohol, it shouldn’t stop you from going on about your day.  For dinner I like a California, Oregon or other New World Pinot Noir.   Many New World Pinot’s are oaky, fruit forward and full of bacony flavors.

Beaujolais, Chardonnay, Chianti, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, dry rose and sparkling wine all taste great with a BLT.