I love French fries. If I were to die tomorrow, I would want the last thing I ate to be French fries. My grandpa taught me how to make homemade fries at a very young age. I would plug in the deep fryer and wait for it to warm, while I cut the potatoes with criss-cut edges. It’s a miracle I didn’t burn the house down! He taught me to wait until the French fries floated to the top of the oil and then line a basket with paper towels. I would stand back as the oil popped in the air. When they were done, I’d sprinkle salt & pepper on my fries and then toss them in the air like a pro! Nevermind the ketchup, they were seasoned to perfection.

Champagne is my drink of choice with french fries.  The crunchy texture of the fries contrasts perfectly with the bubbles and the toasty character of the wine intensifies the flavor of the French fries.  The wine is fresh and crisp and helps to cut through the grease, begging you to take another bite.

Also try sparkling wine and white Burgundy with French fries.