Buffalo Wings

My nephew loves buffalo wings. The spicier the better! He’s only 9 but he can eat a couple dozen in one sitting. Every now and again, he and my niece have a sleepover at my house. So you can only imagine what I order for dinner. When the wings arrive I throw the paper towels on the table and set a few aside for myself. While they chow down on the wings, I pour myself a nice glass of demi sec sparkling Rose or Zinfandel, and savor the moment with my two favorite kids. Afterwards we grab a blanket and cuddle up on the couch to watch a movie. These are the moments you never forget!

For a finger-licking good food like Buffalo wings, you need a wine that can stand up to the spice! A demi sec sparkling rose does this perfectly. The sugar in the wine helps to temper the heat and the bubbles help to cut through the grease. The palate feels refreshed and ready for the next bite. Zinfandel works well with buffalo wings too. Zinfandel is inherently spicy and when you pair it with buffalo wings, the fruit in the wine shows beautifully. However, be careful about how spicy you order your wings since Zinfandel is a high alcohol wine. If the wings are too spicy, you'll feel like there's a fire in your mouth!