I used to watch the Fresh Prince of Bel Air religiously.  Will Smith was smooth with the ladies and full of flavor on the show.   I remember when his cousin Ashley brought home a high end Philly cheese-steak sandwich on a croissant.  Of course, being from Philadelphia, this wasn’t the Philly Will was used to.  At about the middle of the episode, his friend “Ice Tray” shows up with a cheese-steak sandwich from his hometown.  Will states that if you can’t see the sandwich through the grease on the outside of the bag, it’s not a real Philly.  I have to agree!

A greasy, cheesy, meaty sandwich like a Philly, calls for a big red wine!  Cabernet Sauvignon pairs perfectly.  The protein from the meat and the creaminess of the cheese coat the tongue like saran rap, shielding the palate from the tannin and bringing the fruit in the wine forward.  The full-bodied Cab brings out the flavor of the cheese, while standing up to the grease.  Both the wine and food are heavy and rich, mirroring each other.  I also like Syrah and Zinfandel with this delicious sandwich!