Fried Chicken

I was desperate to make friends in Seattle. I moved there leaving all family and friends behind. Seattle wasn't like Las Vegas. In Vegas, everyone is from somewhere else. Eager to make new friends themselves, people easily invite you in. I didn't find this to be true in Seattle. Most people had known each-other their whole life and kept a close circle of friends. I met Jill at the apartment complex I was living in. She too had just moved to Seattle from Chicago and longed for a friend. We hit it off immediately.  Jill was famous for her homemade fried chicken! Her house would reek for days of the greasy scent, but boy was it good! Oh, what I wouldn't do for her homemade fried chicken again!

Prosecco and fried chicken are one of those amazing food and wine pairings that blow your mind.  Prosecco is a sparkling wine from Italy.  It can be sweet or dry (almost no sugar), however it's more often found dry.  The crunch of the crispy fried texture and the sparkle of the bubbles play well together. The bubbles also help to cut through the grease and cleanse the palate. Neither the food nor the wine takes a backseat...they come together in an ultimate food and wine marriage making each one better. If you choose only one of the pairings I've suggested...this is one to experience!  It's amazing how many wines pair with fried chicken.  A few to try are dry rose, sparkling wines in general and dry Spanish Sherry.