Grilled Cheese with Wine

My brother was 9 when I was born.  The age gap was considerable and made me feel like the only child.  Luckily I had cousins around the same age that felt like siblings.  On weekends we would stay the night together at my grandmother's house.  We'd build forts out of sheets and chairs and swim all day.  At night we'd setup a child size table in front of the t.v. and have our own "kids dinner," separate from the adults.  My grandpa would ask us what we wanted to eat, and the answer was always, "Grilled cheese and fries!"  We'd watch Captain Hook, Grease, The Goonies, Gremlins and handful of other movies while we ate.  Everyone always finished their food!  Later, with our tummies full, we'd lay the couch cushions on the floor and camp out in the living room together.

Today I get to eat a grilled cheese sandwich with a glass of wine at the grown ups table.  And instead of watching The Goonies or Gremlins, I'm sitting with friends and discussing how amazing this sandwich can be with with a glass of wine.  I like to pour California Chardonnay with a grilled cheese sandwich.  California Chardonnay has an opulent, full-bodied mouth-feel that mirrors the richness of the cheese.  It can also be extremely buttery, once again mirroring the buttered edges of the bread. The wine has a nice way of heightening the cheese and butter flavors in the dish.  In addition, California Chardonnay has a toasty character that plays off the grilled edges of the sandwich.  Key is to find a California Chardonnay with enough acid to cut through the cheese and cleanse the palate.  Another wine to try with a grilled cheese sandwich is a Brut sparkling Rose or Cava!