Mozzarella Sticks with Wine

Laughter is food for the soul. So it's no wonder I enjoy comedy clubs so much. We can all agree that you never want to be seated front row!  Otherwise, the joke might be on you.  L.A Comedy Club offers a great line-up of new and talented comedians.  After a few hours of laughing so hard, your cheeks hurt, you really work up an appetite.  Just steps away from the show lies the Chicago Brewery.  Their mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce are to die for!

At the bar or out of the oven, mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce are the perfect appetizer.  Even kids love mozzarella sticks, giving you one more reason to eat them.  Why not expand on this experience with a glass of white Burgundy.  The weight of the wine matches nicely with the breaded cheese.  White Burgundy has great acidity.  Acidity plays a role with food in a number of ways.  First, it heightens the flavor of the food, helping to highlight the pepper in both the sauce and inside the dish.  Second, it helps to cut through the cheese and cleanse the palate.  Finally, the acid in the wine works well with tomato sauce, since tomatoes themselves can be so acidic.  Both the food & the wine taste great on their own, but together they're amazing.