Brownies with Wine

I loved being a girl scout.  Albeit brief, I enjoyed every moment with my troop.  The holidays were always filled with lots of exciting activities.  Shortly before Christmas eve, we'd go door to door singing Christmas carols for anyone willing to listen.  Those poor people were too nice!  This was also the time of our annual bake sale.  To prepare for the event, a sleepover was held at our troop leaders house.  After a vote that consisted of each girl raising her hand, we decided on brownies and pumpkin rolls.  That evening we baked and laughed as we packaged each of our treats.  I don't remember how the brownies tasted, but I do remember having the time of my life, being apart of something special.

I had the wonderful opportunity to drink Heitz Cellars 2004 Grignolino Port with a batch of homemade brownies.  Heitz Cellars has a reputation for being one of the top wine producers in California.  They make a small production, rare bottling of this Port, made from the Grignolino grape. (Pronounced "Green-o-lean-o!")  Talk about perfection!  The blackberry, plum and and sweet maple flavors of this wine pair nicely against the chocolate flavor of the brownies.  The Port also has great acidity to balance the richness and sweetness of the dish and intensify the flavor of the chocolate.  As one friend puts it, "This pairing is BOMB.COM!"  And feel free to add a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream!   If your brownie has nuts in in it, try an Oloroso style Sherry.  This wine is full of nutty, molasses, caramel and brown sugar aromas that are sure to play off the nuts in the dish.  Other wines to try with brownies are Muscat, Banyuls and PX Sherry.