Chocolate Covered Strawberries with Wine

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  In the city of sin, New Years is a wild spectacle comprised of drunken people walking up and down the strip, nightclubs hosted by celebrities and people throwing their hard earned money away at the black jack tables.  Fireworks blast off the top of casinos in an orchestrated light show along the strip.  Besides New York, Las Vegas is the place to be to ring in 2011.   And what would New Years be without a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the occasion?  This New Years, make it a night to remember by opening a bottle of dry Rose sparkling wine.  Guests will be treated to a rare sparkling wine and the ladies will love that it’s pink.  Better yet, spend the evening in with your significant other and serve it alongside dark chocolate covered strawberries.  Rose sparkling wine and chocolate covered strawberries are not only a perfect pairing, but help to create the most romantic New Years yet!

What better way to start out the New Year than with three of my most favorite things, chocolate, strawberries and Rose sparkling wine!  Most people think of pairing strawberries with dry golden Champagne.  This isn't always a good idea.  Dry Champagne is too delicate for strong fruit flavors and can end up making the wine seem extremely acidic.  However, when pairing strawberries with Rose or demi-sec Champagne/sparkling wine, the food and wine come to life.  I prefer dark chocolate covered strawberries.  The wine is tart and the chocolate is bitter, complementing each other.  In addition after a bite of the food, the strawberry flavor in the wine springs to life and the acidity from the sparkling wine helps to wash the chocolate flavors off the tongue.  If you prefer milk or white chocolate covered strawberries, I would suggest a demi-sec sparkling wine that is slightly sweet to match the sweetness of the chocolate.  Port is also incredible with this pairing!