Pretzels with Wine

I've always loved giving gifts.  Seeing someones face when they open your gift is priceless.  I like this feeling so much so that I go to great lengths to find the ultimate gift.  I've spent hours at the mall in a sea full of kids crying while waiting to take their pictures with Santa, all for that moment of happiness.  After hours of tirelessly going from one store to the next, you catch a whiff of something amazing and your stomach starts to growl.  My nose starts to wiggle like a dog that's on the hunt for a delicious scent.  Without fail, it's always a pretzel stand.

You can order your soft pretzel several ways.  Plain, with or without salt, and ask for cheese sauce or mustard.  I prefer lightly salted and with cheese!!  Champagne is my favorite wine with soft pretzels and cheese sauce.  It's relatively low alcohol works well against the salt on the pretzel and the acid helps to counterbalance the creaminess of the cheese. The cheese also frames the wine nicely and the yeasty/biscuit/toasty character of the Champagne lends itself to the doughiness of the bread.  The flavor of the food heightens the flavor of the wine.  This Christmas, grab a pretzel with cheese sauce on your way home from the mall.  Or better yet, make home-made pretzels with cheese sauce, and have a bottle of bubbly nearby!  Tis the season to enjoy yourself!  Other wines to try with this pairing are Pinot Noir (old world), dry Rose, Pinot Gris (esp. Oregon) and sparkling wine.