Cinnabon with Wine

I had the hot mom growing up.  She modeled in her twenties and had not only men, but also little boys drooling over her.   In elementary school my mom was now in her late thirties, and still hotter than ever.  She was curvy in all the right places, rode a Harley and wore spandex pants.  I remember asking her to drop me off down the street from my school so that kids couldn’t tease me about her sexy demeanor.  At lunchtime I would see other kids open their lunch pales to find a note saying, “Have a great day!  Love, Mom.”  My mom wasn’t the Betty Crocker type.  I remember always wanting to find a heart shaped note inside, but that wasn’t going to happen.  Luckily my mom was cool in so many other ways that I let the note slide.  One of my favorite things to do with my mom was go to the mall.  She'd always stop at Cinnabon and I'd get McDonald's french fries.  She never complained that I was picky, she just let me be me and she always made me feel comfortable with who I was. Here's a thank you and a birthday shout-out to my beautiful and unique Mom...Happy Birthday!

What could be more over-the-top than a Cinnabon and wine?  Ok, I won't answer that!  I had to think long and hard about this pairing.  Many things came to mind but after trial and error, I enjoyed Brachetto the most.  Brachetto is an Italian, sweet, red, sparkling wine.  There are 3 ultimate outcomes when pairing wine and food together.  1st, the wine out shines the food.  2nd, the food out shines the wine.  And 3rd, they make each other sing!  In this case, they're making music together!  After a bite of the Cinnabon and then a sip of the wine, the strawberry and raspberry flavors in the wine come forth.  However, the flavor of the food is still there, just somehow heightened.  Because the wine is sweet, the sugar stands up to the sugar in the dish.  In addition the wine is sparkling, helping to cleanse the palate and prepare you for another bite.  If that wasn't enough, the wine has just enough balanced acidity to cut through the doughiness of the dessert.  Other wines to try with a Cinnabon are sweet sparkling Vouvray, sparkling Shiraz, Sauternes, sweet Sherry, late harvest white wines and sweet sparkling wines.