Double Stuf Oreos with Wine

I can remember reading the nutrition facts on the back of the package.  It states that 2 cookies equals 140 calories.  I thought to myself, "not bad!"  The problem is, I can't eat just two Oreos®.  Somehow two turns into ten, and before you know it, I'm feeling sick to my stomach.  Even worse, within a matter of days I've devoured the entire package!  What makes this cookie so addicting is it's creme center.  Thus, why I choose to purchase Double Stuf Oreos®.  We've all done it, twisted off the top chocolate cookie to get to the creme center and then licked the icing until it's clean.  I've even taken the creme center from 5-10 cookies, stacked them on top of each other between 2 cookies and preceded to open my mouth as wide as I can to inhale it!  Oreos® have a way of making a bad day better and somehow, all is right in the world for those few minutes.

"Milk's favorite cookie" is slowly becoming one of wine's funnest pairings.  Banyuls is dangerously easy to drink and delicious with Oreos®.  Banyuls is a sweet, fortified French red wine made principally from the Grenache grape in the Languedoc region.  Very few wines work with chocolate as well as Banyuls.  It has an inherent chocolate flavor that brings the cookie's chocolate flavors to life.  The wine also has enough acidity to wash the creme filling off the tongue and cleanse the palate.  In addition, the pairing isn't overwhelmingly sweet, which helps with my Oreo® addiction since you know I can never have just one!  I also enjoy vintage Port with Oreos however, nothing works quite like Banyuls.