Nachos with Wine

Superbowl is just days away.  And although I've never been a huge sports fan, I'll be enjoying the game with plenty of wine and food just like the rest of country.  I think the reason for not having the sports gene in my blood is because Las Vegas has no professional sports teams aside from college football and basketball.  Although we do have plenty of sports books to place your bets!  Prior to moving to Seattle, I picked my favorite teams based on the color of their uniform.  Upon moving there, it was shocking the amount of sports muscles fans have in that city.  I loved attending football, baseball and basketball games with a sense of city pride around me.  And it wasn't long before I too became a fan.  Although my Seahawks won't be playing in this Sunday's Superbowl, I have a new appreciation for the game.

What's better on game day then NACHOS?  I can answer that, nachos with wine!  While most people are enjoying beer with this Sunday's feast, I'll be enjoying a deliciously paired glass of wine with one of my favorite party foods.  Instead of beer, grab another bubbly beverage called Cava.  Cava is a sparkling wine from Spain that is crisp and floral.  It's a great alternative to Champagne because Cava starts at around ten bucks a bottle.  It's also fruity and can be slightly sweet, which makes it great for parties.  Nachos and Cava work together for a number of reasons.  First, the flavors in the wine stand up to the spiciness of the dish and neither the food nor the wine out do each other.  Second, the acidity in the wine works well with the sour cream, which can ruin many wines.  Third, the crunch of the nachos matches the sparkle from the bubbles, giving a nice play on texture.  Finally, the bubbles help to wash the cheese and flavors off the tongue and as always, prepare you for another bite.  For an overall crowd pleaser, I believe Cava is your best bet.  Other wines I enjoy with nachos are Malbec, Zinfandel, Rose and sparkling wine.