Banana Split with Wine

For a kid who never liked to share, a banana split was the rare exception.  I was raised as an only child and never had to share with anyone.  Although, between both my mother and father I have 6 half brother's and sister's.  I came into this world by chance really.  My mother and father had a 20 year age gap and had been friends for years.  My mother modeled and was a Las Vegas showgirl, but at the time of meeting my father, both worked in timeshare sales.  My mother wanted the bad boy, and although my father was very much a ladies man, he was not the sort of guy my mother had in mind.  Then by chance on a rare evening in Las Vegas the two connected and you now have yours truly.  They both had children with other people, but also by chance, none of them lived with me.  I soon looked to friends and cousins for the sibling like bond that I so dearly wished for.  And on outings to the local ice cream shop, I begged them to share a banana split with me.  I would giggle as we all stuck our spoons in the same dish and hurried to out eat each-other.  This was out of character for me, especially because if you touched my French fries, we may of had to fight!

Banana Split and Wine!  Another childhood favorite that I have to giggle at when enjoying with wine.  Although many wines work with this pairing, one recently made fireworks light up the sky.  And that was a fortified Australian stickie (dessert wine) called Yalumba Muscat Museum Reserve.  The Muscat grapes are allowed to hang on the vine for a longer period of time until they shrivel up like raisins.  They then fortify the wine by adding liquor to it and age the wine for several years.  After, they then add both younger and older wines to the original wine to create a sort of "house style".  In the end you have a deliciously concentrated dessert wine with aromas of raisin, prune, molasses, honey, walnut, vanilla and spice.  Not to mention a killer finish (amount of time the flavor lasts after you swallow the wine)!  After a bite of the dessert and then a sip of the wine I notice that the banana flavor is intensified and prolonged while the nuts are playing a minor role somewhere off in the distance.  As with most wonderful dessert wines, there is an incredible acidity that not only balances out the sweetness of the wine, but helps to wash the ice cream off the palate.  I also like that texturally they are both creamy and heavy, mirroring each-other.  And finally, because this wine is fortified it is very high in alcohol.   The coolness of the ice cream helps to tame the heat from the high alcohol in the wine.  What a fun way to enjoy dessert and wine!  Other wines to try with a banana split are other Muscat based dessert wines, Tawny Port, Malmsey Madiera, Banyuls, Sauternes, Late Harvest white wines, and Moscato d'Asti.