See's® Chocolates with Wine

It's every girl's fantasy.  We've dreamed of our wedding day practically since birth and thought of the million and one ways that someone special might pop the question.  We say we don't want flowers or chocolate's, but deep down inside were hoping for all this plus a sparkling rock that will officially prove your love for us.  I've heard people express what a joke Valentine's Day is.  That we shouldn't just celebrate our love and affection for each-other only one day out of the year.  But it's in my opinion that whether you celebrate all year long, or just on Valentine's Day, every person deserves a little something to show how much you care.  And ladies, please don't get your hopes up if your man arrives with just chocolates this Valentine's Day and not a diamond ring!

I personally have an addiction to See's® "Bordeaux" chocolates.  Which makes perfect sense since the name Bordeaux is also related to wine.  This candy is over the top sweet with milk chocolate, brown sugar and buttercream.  Honestly, I can't handle more than one or two pieces.  But it's those two pieces that give me a moment of pure joy!  As always, chocolate is extremely hard to pair with wine, especially something this sweet.  And if that wasn't difficult enough, when pairing sweet foods with wine, you need the wine to be at least as sweet or sweeter than the food.  Tawny Port does just the trick. After a bite of the food and then a sip of the wine, I immediately notice how well the weight of the wine matches the creaminess of the chocolate. Texturely they work incredibly together. Next I notice the milk chocolate flavor is intensified and prolonged. The wine's acidity helps to wash the food down and although I can only handle a few bites, it's heaven! Other wines to try with See's® Bordeaux chocolates are Malmsey Madiera, sweet Sherry, Banyuls and Muscat based dessert wines.