Pigs in a blanket with Wine

I grew up taking a bath before bed every night.  After hours spent swimming in my grandmother's pool, a bath was always in order.  My cousins and I would come running in the house soaking wet, leaving small footprints on my grandmother's carpet.  She warned us to dry off before heading inside but we couldn't wait to get in the warm bathtub that awaited us.  Myself and my cousin Jason and Christina would pile in the tub and grab our barbies and soldiers to extend our playtime.  We were only 4, 5, and 6 and loved spending every moment together.  The day came when my grandmother told us Jason was not allowed to take a bath with us anymore.  My grandmother explained that he was getting too old to take a bath with girls and would need to shower separately.  I could see the look of heartbreak in his eyes from being too young to understand why he was different.  As we all turned slightly older we started to realize what made him so unique.  He had boy parts; a weenie is what we called it.  On random nights my grandmother would let us skinny dip with the lights off before bath-time.  Christina and I would scream, "Hide your weenie!" as we covered our private parts and jumped in the pool.  We'd giggle as we tried to hide our tiny bodies against the inside rim of the pool even though it was practically pitch black outside.  My grandmother would bring towels to the edge of the steps and one by one we'd hop out as fast as we could so that the other couldn't catch a glimpse of each other.  That was my first experience of what made boys and girls so different and forever filed away the word "weenie" in my mind:-)

The name alone sparks interest in trying this tasty little snack.  Pigs in a blanket consists of tiny baked hot dogs or sausages wrapped in dough and served with a side of mustard.  There are other versions of this snack such as IHOP's sausage links wrapped with pancakes.  They're easy to make since they typically come frozen and are perfect as an appetizer at parties or get-togethers.  I particularly like serving these at a gathering because they pair with one of the of my favorite wines on the planet, dry sparkling Rose.  Plus, most ladies love anything pink.  Bouvet, a sparkling Cab Franc from the Loire Valley of France is always my first choice.  After a bite of the food and then a sip of the wine I immediately sense the sweetness of the dough and notice the flavor of the meat is heightened.  The fruitiness of the wine helps to tame the spiciness of the mustard and the bubbles help to wash the array of flavors and flakiness of the dough off the palate.  The wine is refreshing and can't help but make you want to add 3 or 4 more to your plate.  Other wines to try with pigs in a blanket are Champagne, dry rose, white Zinfandel, Kabinett or Alsatian Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Beaujolais, Barbera, Cab Franc, Pinot Noir, and a fruity young red Zinfandel. Cheers!