Blueberry Pancakes with Wine

My grandmother was the first human being to touch me.  I was born at her home with the assistance of a midwife in my mother's bedroom.  She cut my umbilical cord and gave me my middle name, Christina.  My grandmother acted as a second mother to me throughout the course of my life.  When my mother's current situation was in disarray, I was sent to grandma's to live.  Although I cried for my mother initially, my grandmother and her home were a constant source of stability for me.  I soon grew attached to my grandmother and loved being in her presence.  She taught me to swim, watched Alice in Wonderland with me a million times and gave me almost every beautiful memory I have of being a child.  Because I was terribly afraid of the dark, my grandmother would rock me to sleep before putting me in my bed.  She'd swing my legs around the front of her body and tuck my head in her neck as she whispered, "grandma's here, go to sleepy sleep".  Sure enough I would sneak in her room with my pillow and blanket when I awoke hours later and slept on the floor next to her side of the bed.  Luckily she didn't accidentally step on me!  She made every Christmas, Easter, Birthday and day of my life special.  I like to think I get not only my height and shoe size, but my strength, courage and determination from a woman who came from nothing and got almost everything she desired.  Grandma, thank you for being an amazing mother to me.  I love you now and always.  Happy Mother's Day!

Most of us venture out to a favorite local restaurant for Mother's Day brunch to celebrate our beloved mother's and grandmothers.  Instead, I prefer making brunch even more special by heading to my grandmother's house with a bottle of Brachetto and ingredients to make delicious blueberry pancakes.  There's something so rewarding about cooking for the amazing women in your life.  And it's guaranteed to bring a smile to most women's face when you add the perfect bottle of wine to the equation.  It's an added splash of luxury to help them relax and enjoy their day.  Brachetto d' Acqui is a sweet, frizzante (slightly sparkling) red wine from the Piedmont region of Italy.  It's smells and tastes of strawberries and pairs beautifully with fruit driven (esp. berry) desserts.  It also works incredibly well with one of my other loves, chocolate!  After a bite of the food and then a sip of the wine, a berry explosion goes off in my mouth.  The strawberry flavors in the wine and the blueberries in the batter intertwine seamlessly.  The sugar in the wine matches up nicely with the sugar from the maple syrup and I notice the wine and food taking turns with the flavor of each fading in and out.  The slight sparkle from the wine balances out the fluffy pancakes and helps to cleanse the palate.  She'll be amazed at how delicious this pairing is!  Other wines to try with blueberry pancakes (with maple syrup) are sweet sparkling wine, demi-sec/doux (depending on how much you like maple syrup) Rose Champagne, Asti, sparkling Shiraz, Spatlese/Auslese Riesling, ice wine, sweet Muscat, sweet still/sparkling Vouvray and late harvest wines.