Cookie Crisps

Am I the only one who thinks cereal is even better for dinner?  Maybe I just like being defiant and going against the norm.  I can hear my grandmother in my head, "Courtney, you're not having cereal for dinner!"  Now that I'm all grown up, I can do whatever I want and that includes drinking wine with cereal!  Cookie Crisps are the ultimate late night cereal.  Imagine a few dozen chocolate chip cookies drenched in milk.  Yum!  And they're nutritious.  Even the box says so, "Whole grain guaranteed and high in calcium".  My grandmother would be proud!  I always have a glass of wine with dinner and since I'm having cereal for dinner it's only fitting that I choose the perfect glass.    Now tell me, who doesn't want to come to my house for dinner?

For this five star meal I had to choose something out of the ordinary.  After discussing the pairing with my favorite wine store owner he mentioned this unique bottle of sparkling wine from Temecula, California that has had almond juice added to it.  It's called Wilson Creek Almond and tastes like Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia® ice cream.  Originally I was heading in the direction of a sweet sparkling wine to cut through the milk, stand up to the sugar and cleanse the palate.   Knowing how well chocolate and almonds work together, the pairing sounded too good to be true!  I also chose a bottle of Brachetto, a semi-sparkling red wine from Italy because of how well the wine pairs with chocolate and the fact that it's slightly sparkling.  I couldn't wait to let the taste test begin.  Sure enough, the cherry almond and chocolate chips cookie flavors came together without a hitch.  Where the Brachetto overwhelmed the cereal, the Wilson Creek Almond complimented it.  After a bite of the food and then a sip of the wine I immediately noticed the intense almond flavor.  Then suddenly the chocolate chip cookie flavor sprung back overshadowing the wine.  The creaminess of the wine mirrored the creaminess of the food and the bubbles helped to wash the milk off the palate.  A truly fun dinner if you ask me!  Cheers!