Hungry Man with Wine

We've all seen the commercial.  Two guys in a storm laying sand bags talking about what they had for dinner.  One says he had a Hungry Man dinner that equaled up to a pound of food.  The other guy says he had a sliver of trout spritzed with lemon and baby carrots as he gets blown away by the storm.  "Should of had Hungry Man!" the narrator proclaims.  As I strolled down the grocery aisle thinking of what would be fun to pair with wine in the frozen food aisle, I couldn't resist grabbing the Hungry Man dinner.  Although I'm not a huge fan of frozen dinners, I chuckled at the thought of it.  "Wine and frozen food?  Why not?"  I thought to myself.  I want everyone alive to enjoy wine, even if that means you're pouring a great glass of something special with a Hungry Man dinner.  And because this meal only costs around three dollars a package, you'll have plenty of money left over to splurge on the good stuff, vino!

Can you imagine the scene if wine was included in a Hungry Man commercial?  As a big burly man throws his frozen dinner in the microwave he goes to the kitchen drawer, pulls out a corkscrew and very delicately removes the cork from a fine bottle of wine.  I love it!  The Salisbury Steak Hungry Man dinner calls for an equally rustic wine to match its appeal.  After sampling several wines with this dish, the 2008 Tres Picos Grenache from Spain did the trick.  The wine has intense aromas of black fruit and wild strawberries laced with a hint of earth, smoked meat and black pepper.  The wine has a vibrant acidity helping it to stand up to the salty brown gravy sauce drenched over the meat.  The Hungry Man Salisbury steak isn't a very thick piece of meat either.  Grenache is also a somewhat lighter style of red wine mirroring the weight of the meat.  Many people say that Grenache is like Pinot Noir kicked up a notch.  The meaty and peppery notes in the wine play off the flavors in the food and the fruity acidity helps to wash it all down.  Other wines to try with a Salisbury Steak Hungry Man dinner are Pinot Noir (esp. with good acidity like New Zealand or Oregon to stand up to the salty gravy), Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon (esp. from WA), Bordeaux blends, fruity styles of Shiraz, Dolcetto and Barbera.  Cheers!