Cheese Puffs with Wine

A couple of days ago I had a ridiculous craving for Cheetos® White Cheddar Cheese Puffs and bubbly.  Just a forewarning, these chips are addicting!  I feel the serving size should be adjusted to include the entire bag because I can seriously devour them in seconds, especially when there is a glass of Freixenet Cava nearby to accompany it.

Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut has a much softer and smoother mouthfeel in comparison to many Champagne's or other sparklers out there.  This lower acidity helps to mirror the mild flavor of the white cheddar, yet still refresh the palate in-between bites.  The wine's medium body mirrors the weight of the cheese puffs and its apple, pear and citrus notes blend nicely with the flavor of the chips.  Finally, the bubbles help to wash the food off the tongue and the wine's moderate, clean finish helps to prolong the flavor of the chips.  It's a fun pairing for my Wednesday afternoon...especially when the wine is priced under $10!