Trail Mix with Wine

Sometimes we need a little kick to get through the rest of our day.  This boost for me comes in the form of Trail Mix and Astoria Lounge spumante (spumante means sparkling).  Its the sweet and salty mix I tend to crave, every so often.  Astoria Lounge spumante is a sweet sparkling wine from the Veneto, Italy that is made up of 85% Moscato and 15% Prosecco.  The wine has notes of stone fruits, melon and flowers and has a nice balance of sugar and acidity.  After a bite of the food and then a sip of the wine, I notice the peach flavors in the wine spring forth and then die off.  The raisin and peanut flavor found in the trail mix make their entrance on the palate next and work nicely with the fruit flavors found in the wine.  I enjoy the contrast of a sweet wine against the saltiness of the mix and the bubbles help to wash all the flavors off the tongue.  And for under $10, this sparkler gives me an added reason to smile!

BTW, I had cupcakes in the fridge I made last night that worked killer with this wine as well!  When pairing sweets with wine, you should choose a wine that has just as much sugar or more sugar than the dessert.  This wine definitely does the trick!  Check out my homemade vanilla cupcakes with Astoria Lounge spumante below: