Goldfish® with Wine

She wore bright green nail polish and had long, black curly hair with a smile that would make any man look twice.  Her name was "Sunshine," and she was my brother's latest conquest.  I was only 8 at the time and wished I would someday grow up to look just like her.  My brother was somewhat of a "pimp" in those days.  He would bring different girls home to my grandmother's house often.  He'd always introduce them to us and then disappear to his bedroom where who knows what was happening.  I couldn't keep up with all of them, but I remember Sunshine in particular.  Maybe it was the events that took place or maybe it was just her beauty that cemented her in my memory forever.  It all started one evening when a knock came at the door.  I rushed to answer it and saw a girl that looked exactly like Sunshine.  "Hi Sunshine!"  I said and ran to get my brother.  Little did I know, she wasn't Sunshine.  She was Jennifer and must have known who Sunshine was because my brother stood outside our front door for thirty minutes arguing with her.  Next thing I know, he slams the door and gives me the look of death as he tells my grandmother what happened.  I had been sitting on the couch, eating Goldfish® and watching cartoons with no clue as to what just transpired.  I couldn't believe how mad he was and immediately started crying.  "I'm sorry Chanie, I thought she was Sunshine," I whaled!  My grandmother motioned me to come over to her.  I ran and threw myself in her arms, sobbing.  My brother didn't get mad often and seeing him this way frightened me.  He eventually got over the incident and I never saw Sunshine again.  Luckily, the parade of women wasn't halted by my ignorance and I learned to keep my mouth shut and respect the "game."

Goldfish® crackers are my go to snack when I'm traveling, working or need something quick.  I usually keep a little sandwich bag full of them in my purse.  I realized I needed to pair them with wine on a recent flight to San Francisco.  I was starving and couldn't wait for the stewardess to bring over a bag of peanuts.  Just as I threw a couple in my mouth, I ran through the wine options the plane probably offered in my head.  I knew they wouldn't have exactly what I was looking for, because what I wanted was nothing but the best, Champagne!  I recently sampled Taittinger Cuvee Prestige Champagne with the snack.  If you're wondering, "Cuvee Prestige" means "best of the best".  This wine was awarded 92 points by "Wine Spectator" with the following notes, "Gorgeous aromas and flavors of pencil shavings, candied citrus and honey highlight this classy, stylish Champagne. Its balanced, beautifully integrated and long, with a finesse and freshness that suggests a Côte des Blancs pedigree."  Originally, my thought process was that the cheese was so intense, I would need a fuller bodied, creamier and more flavorful champagne.  Although I enjoyed the yeastiness of wine combined with the doughiness of the food, the wine somewhat out shined it.  The crackers were slightly lighter in body than the wine and the cheddar cheese flavor was almost extinct against the fruitiness of the champagne.  I did however, enjoy the crunch of the crackers in comparison to the crackle of the bubbles and think that next time I would choose a Blanc de Blancs (only Chardonnay based) champagne to accompany my fish.  Disappointing as it was, the pairing wasn't a total loss.  The wine was excellent and it just goes to show that with wine and food, you have to experiment!  Cheers!

Wine featured in this photo: Taittinger Cuvee Prestige Champagne (Available Khoury's Fine Wine on sale $39.99)