In-N-Out® with Wine

If there was a hierarchy among wines, Cabernet Sauvignon would be king.  You might be wondering what's the big deal?  Well, to sum it up, many Cabernet Sauvignon based wines are capable of aging for decades upon decades.  They can turn into a delicious smoke, earth and nut packed version that is worth big money.  New World versions, which is really anywhere outside of Bordeaux, are fruiter and less tannic and therefore ready to drink sooner.  Napa Valley is home to some the most prized Cab's in the world.  Bordeaux versions can take years to soften to even be palatable and can cost mucho denaro!

Now, if Cabernet Sauvignon is the king of all red wines than In-N-Out® is the king of all burgers (in my opinion that is).  In-N-Out's® burgers aren't complicated, too greasy or too messy.  They're just simple and delicious.  Since today is "Cabernet Day," I figured I'd celebrate by picking up my favorite burger, a Double Double with cheese, ketchup, lettuce and tomato, along with my go to Cab of choice with this dish, Justin Vineyards!  When choosing a red wine to go with burgers, you want something that's typically fruity and not over the top tannic.  The toppings and condiments are huge factor for determining what wine will work best.  After a bite of my burger and then a sip of the wine, I notice how the meat acts almost as a protective shield against the wine's tannin.  The wine suddenly seems smoother and they feel equally heavy on the palate.  The creaminess of the cheese mimics the creaminess of the wine and the flavor of the meat is intensified by the flavor of the wine.  This pairing is a total must try!  Cheers and Happy Cabernet Day!