Candy Corn with Wine

The Story:

If I was a cat, I'd be working on my 5th life.  Here's my list of how I cheated death...

1. Jaundice at birth

2. Swept out to sea while laying on the beach

3. Car shooting

4. Melanoma 

 The Pairing:

I had a hard time pairing candy corn with wine and will probably need a couple more go's at it.  Although the 2006 Forrest Botrytised Riesling from Marlborough, New Zealand is a delicious bottle of dessert wine, its flavors masked that of the candy corn and the wine was slightly sweeter than the food.  I thought the honey-like texture, along with its flavor profile would be a surefire match, but that isn't always the outcome.

If you're wondering what "Botrytised" means, it's basically a mold that develops on the grapes.  Normally mold is bad, but this mold is actually beneficial, helping to dehydrate the grapes and concentrates the flavors, while also adding it's own flavor.  If you'd like to try the wine, you can expect aromas of apricot, honey and toffee (sounds like it would work with candy corn, right) and a silky texture along with beautiful acidity that helps to balance out the sweetness of the wine.  And although the wine sells for around $28 a bottle, it's currently on sell for $15 at Khoury's Fine Wine & Spirits in Las Vegas, Nevada.  To find out more about this wine, please visit:


Please let me know your comments in the section below!  Any questions on my list of near death experiences?  What is your list?  Cheers!