Frozen Yogurt with Wine

The Pairing:

Looking for a wine that works great with chocolate?  Here it is!  Soria Piemonte Brachetto from Piedmont, Italy is a sweet red sparkling wine made from the Brachetto grape and pairs excellently with chocolate and fruit based desserts.  The wine tastes like strawberries and black cherries and has an alcohol content of 7%, which means it won't slow down your day if you're having chocolate frozen yogurt topped with brownies, strawberries and M&M's for a mid-afternoon snack, like I am!  Plus, if you're just making you're way into drinking wine, this medium sweet sparkler is a delicious introduction!


Please let me know your comments in the section below!  What's your favorite afternoon snack?  Have you considered enjoying wine with chocolate before?  Let's chat!