Pumpkin Pancakes with Wine

The Story:

It seems like being a ghost would be a pretty good gig.  You get to walk through walls, float in the air and scare people.  You can make lights flicker, TVs turn on and trick people by moving their stuff around.  You also get to mess with little kids at slumber parties who play with wigi boards and make pet owners think their dog is crazy for barking at the air.  Best of all, you can ease drop on conversations without anyone knowing you're there or disappear if you don't like a situation.  This could have come in handy on more than one occasion!  What's bad about being a ghost?  Well, the fact that you're dead (and that's a big one) and you are no longer able to enjoy things like pumpkin pancakes with wine, of course!

The Pairing:

I'm a fan of shaking things up a bit and serving breakfast for dinner on special occasions.  Halloween is a great day to show the kids your wild side by dishing up pumpkin pancakes after several hours of working up an appetite trick or treating.  Pour them a glass of milk and you a glass of 2006 Forrest Estate Botrytised Riesling to help unwind.  Of course, if you don't have children or just want to provide your honey with breakfast in bed on Halloween, this wine is perfect since it only has 9% alcohol and won't slow down your day.  I recently sampled this Riesling with candy corn and although the sweetness of the wine somewhat overwhelmed the candy, it was perfect with pumpkin pancakes.  This is probably due to the heaping amount of maple syrup most of us like on our cakes!  The apricot and honey flavors of the wine married well with the pumpkin and spice from the pancakes and the maple flavors of the syrup.  Texturally they're both silky smooth, yet the wine has an incredible natural acidity that helps to wash all the food off the palate.  Cheers and Enjoy!


Please leave your comments in the section below!  Do you have any scary ghost stories (my lights flickered the other day)?  Would you rather have pumpkin pancakes for breakfast or dinner, or is there something else you enjoy serving on Halloween?  Let's chat!