Thanksgiving Pies with Wine


The Story:

You're sitting on the couch, halfway slouched over watching the game and someone asks "Who wants pie?"  You take a moment to look down at your unbuttoned pants, bulging belly and scan the room to see who is tempted to say yes.  At this point it's hard to even breathe, let alone think about eating anything else.  Then you hear the words "We've got Pecan, Pumpkin or Apple!"  Visions of pie topped with whip cream and a scoop of vanilla bean go running through your head and although you know you should probably starve yourself for a week after today's caloric intake, you yell back "Apple, please!"

The Pairing:

Now that you've figured out what wine to pair with everything from sweet potato casserole to brisket of beef, why not wow your guests even more so by pouring them a glass of dessert wine to accompany an assortment of Thanksgiving pies?  I recently sampled the 2007 Jackson-Triggs Vidal Icewine from the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario, Canada with pecan, pumpkin and apple pie and I have to say, the wine was magic with all three!

This wine is seriously liquid candy.  It's lush and full of apricot, golden raisin and honey notes with a touch of pear, orange creme and brown sugar hiding in the background.  For as sweet and syrupy as this wine is, it's backed by a beautiful balance of acidity that leads to a fairly long finish.  The spice in the wine worked incredibly well against the spice found in all three pies, especially the pecan.  I also enjoyed the texture of this wine with the pumpkin pie and since pumpkin pie is so dense, I adored the wine's opulent body with it.  More so than anything however, I loved how well the wine's bright acidity helped to wash down the food and especially how well it worked with the tart granny smith apples used to make the apple pie.  Cheers, we're just days away!!


Please let me know your comments in the section below!  Do you make room for pie on Thanksgiving?  What do you do after you eat?  Let's chat!