Enchiladas with Wine

Dear Santa,

I got your note "where's the cookies?"  I thought leaving you enchiladas and a glass of the 2008 Vina Sastre Ribera Del Duero instead of tired old milk and cookies would teach you a lesson we all have to learn...you don't always get what you want in life.

I mean, you've taught me this lesson many times.  Remember when I asked for a Barbie doll and got coal in my stocking with a letter to Sarah.  First of all, I'm not Sarah and second, she doesn't even live here.  And last year, you completely forgot to stop by my house altogether.  Were you busy playing angry birds on the sleigh ride and missed a couple stops?  I sent you a message on Facebook and Twitter and got no response.  Now, imagine how that feels!

So, although you may not have wanted enchiladas and a glass of wine, at least it was perfectly paired.  The wine is from some of the oldest and most impressive vineyards in the Ribera Del Duero region of Spain.  And because it's a dry place with hot days and cool nights, plus a cruel winter, the conditions leave a higher acidity in the wine not usually found in other wines made from the Tempranillo grape.  This acidity helps to cleanse the palate in-between bites and the dark fruit and spice help to bring out the flavors of the sauce.  Plus, although the wine is just short of being Crianza (aged for a year in oak), it still had enough structure to stand up to the weight of the dish.  Both somehow seem better together, right?

Finally, you must have at least appreciated a break in the monotony.  And even if you won't admit it, I'm sure the wine helped to take the edge off.  I know its hard out there for a pimp;)~  Plus, I heard your lactose intolerant, so I purposely made your enchiladas without cheese.  You can't say that about the millions of people leaving you milk, now can you?

P.S. When I start getting what I want, you'll start getting what you want...deal?