Egg Rolls with Wine

The Story:

I don't mind needles.  Getting my blood drawn or flu shots really has no effect on me.  But as the dawn of Chinese New Year arrived, I coincidentally found myself in an acupuncture clinic rethinking my ambivalence towards sharp objects.  My father called earlier in the day complaining of a pinched nerve that has been bothering him for several weeks.  I opted to pay for the procedure and possibly schedule an appointment.  This was until I saw the blood.  For some reason, the part about sticking a needle in your skin that causes you to bleed completely skipped my mind.  This wasn't the Chinese New Year I had planned on.  I was thinking more like egg rolls with wine and a Chinese foot massage.  Sure I wanted my "meridians" clear to allow life-energy to flow, but couldn't I just get a massage or something?  I decided to make a run for it and find a Japanese Reiki master fast!

The Pairing:

It's the year of the dragon, the only mystical character in the Asian zodiac.  Although many expect doomsday this December 21st, the Chinese culture believes this to be one of the luckiest years in their 12 year cycle.  Let me see, I can choose to believe this is going to be the year the world ends or a prosperous one...I'll take the latter!

So to celebrate, I'm having what I should have for lunch instead of an acupuncture appointment, egg rolls and the 2010 Bougrier Anjou Blanc from the Loire Valley of France.  For the price (roughly $10), I'm happily surprised by the balance of this tasty bottle of Chenin Blanc.  The wine boasts aromas of quince, apple, lime, honey and spice with that beautiful kick of acidity that Chenin radiates.  The wine is dry, ripe and tart...screaming for something fried with a touch of spice.

Insert egg rolls!  After a bite of the food and then a sip of the wine, I immediately notice how both seem to be playing at the same volume.  The food isn't overwhelmingly flavorful and likewise, the wine's mellow aromas don't overpower the food.  Although almost completely dry, the fruit flavors found in the wine offset the spice used to season the egg roll nicely.  Next, that beautiful acidity that Chenin radiates accompanied by the wine's natural minerality, help to highlight the layering of flavors found in the food.  This acidity also helps to wash all the greasy oil off the tongue and refresh the palate for the next bite.  Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!


Please let me know your comments in the section below!  How did you celebrate Chinese New Year?  What's your favorite Chinese food and would you ever think of having it with wine?  Let's chat!