What WINE pairs with the Jersey Shore?

Snooki...before she got knocked up;) The Story:

It’s the final episode of the "Jersey Shore" this Thursday night and I thought, what better way to celebrate than to tell you what wine pairs with six pack abs, fist pumps, grenades and more precisely, GTL?

Before the season of "Jersey Shore" ever ends, we're anxiously awaiting the next one.  I mean, com’n, who doesn’t love watching these orange tanned, irresponsible, alcohol induced, DTF, trash talking, over primping past the point of being able to call it metro-sexual, Italian guidos and guidettes?  We all wonder how they do it and at the same time look so good. Then, they blessed us with the sacred GTL ritual: gym, tan, laundry, that is.  Now leave it to me to take it to the next level.  GTLW: gym, tan, laundry, wine!  Come on Jersey Shore, you guys are Italian, how could you forget the vino?  Oh yeah, not the brightest bunch, but they sure are entertaining!

The Pairing:

So what wine embodies GTLW?  Lambrusco!  Italians drink wine like Americans drink soda pop.  And since much of the Lambrusco that was produced in the 1970s was made in a way that came across as cloyingly sweet, sparkling syrup, it's only fitting.  Today, Lambrusco is much more of a serious wine.  The "Jersey Shore," although popular at the moment, also has somewhat of a bad reputation.  It's seen my many as trashy reality TV.  I hope like Lambrusco, that each of these individuals will grow into smart entrepreneurs who know how to make themselves better and capitalize on their brand.

The 2009 Tenuta Pederzana Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro Semi-Secco is what I want people to think of when they imagine Lambrusco today.  The wine is slightly sparkling and has an inherent earthiness on the nose that combines with blackberry, cherry, spice, milk chocolate and has a somewhat meaty quality to it.  It's almost completely dry (little sugar) and balanced by refreshing acidity, enough tannin to give it a backbone and a medium body, making the wine totally food friendly.  Whether you're grabbing pizza off the kitchen counter after a late night at the club or partying down at the shore, this wine is sure to please.

Now that you know what wine pairs with the "Jersey Shore," go out and grab a couple bottles of Lambrusco and get your GTLW on!

Where to buy the wine:

The 2009 Tenuta Pederzan Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro Semi-Secco is available at Khoury’s Fine Wine & Spirits.  Please call (702) 435-9463 or visit http://khourysfinewine.com/.  They can ship almost anywhere!


Please let me know your comments in the section below!  Are you sad to see the "Jersey Shore" go off air?  Or, are you over it?  Have you ever tried Lambrusco?  Let’s chat!