Cottage Cheese & Salsa Dip With WINE

Cottage Cheese

Mommy's girl

The Story:

Linda means beautiful in Spanish, but she's much more than a pretty face. A model, showgirl and arm candy to some of the most powerful men, yet my mother's interior has always radiated more beauty than her gorgeous looks. I remember walking down the street with her as a child while men whistled and horns honked, thinking it was normal for people to admire my mother.

Although I was unconscious of her beauty, she was humble, kind and a great friend; all things I felt deemed this sort of attention. Oddly enough, Linda has never realized her true beauty, as many are guilty of. She allots $3 a day for strangers, helps rescue animals, allows people to live in her home and gives more than she receives, yet my mother still struggles to see her attractiveness when she looks in the mirror. She believes in me more than I believe in myself, picks me up when I'm down, which is often, and listens to me talk way past her bedtime. I want to tell Linda that at almost 60, she has truly lived up to the meaning of her name in every sense of the word. Mom, although life has had its ups and downs, I'm so very proud you're my MOTHER. I love all of you, the good, the bad and the… BEAUTIFUL! You are an inspiration. Thank you for loving me and for showing me the true definition of beauty. Happy Mother's Day!

The Pairing:

When I think back on my childhood, the one thing I remember my mother always feeding me was cottage cheese with salsa and tortilla chips. She would mix fresh salsa with cottage cheese and then use the tortilla chips to scoop it up. I loved the dip and would make it often, even as a teenager. Friends cringed at the idea of cottage cheese with anything, but after tasting it, there was nothing but smiles.

I chose a bottle of Loma Larga Sauvignon Blanc from the Casablanca Valley of Chile to pair with this dish. The wine is full of white flowers combined with a touch of minerality on the nose and green veggies, tropical fruit, herbs and citrus on the palate that tastes crisp and fresh against the cottage cheese and salsa dip. The wine has enough weight to stand up to the creaminess of the cottage cheese yet has the acidity to cut through it, while still balancing out the saltiness from the salsa and chips. I also notice how well the green veggie notes in the wine play off the sautéed jalapeño flavors in the salsa. And like with any great food and wine pairing, I find myself reaching for another sip of the wine after each bite of food. Cheers to enjoying something special with your mother this Sunday!

Where to Buy the Wine:

Vegas residentsKhoury’s Fine Wine


Please let me know your comments in the section below!  Is there something your mother makes that you absolutely love to this day?  How do you celebrate Mother's Day? Let’s chat!