Starbuck's Mini Cherry Pie with WINE

Starbucks Mini Cherry Pie With WINE

The Story:

Dear Starbucks,

I'm a little hurt you haven't reached out to me for help with pairing your snack and dessert menu with wine. I had to hear through the grapevine that you've added wine and beer to your menu in select cities. I thought we were closer than that since we've been seeing each other for several years now. Though we're not officially an item, my love for wine and your love of coffee could be a marriage made in heaven. The ball is in your court, Starbucks. 'Till then, I may have a few dates with Coffee Bean.

P.S. Just because I stop by everyday, doesn't mean I'm stalking you.

The Pairing:

I recently paired Starbuck's mini cherry pie with Domaine La Tour Vieille 2008 Banyuls Rimage Mise Tardive, a dessert wine from the Languedoc region of France. Sounds like a mouthful, right? What you need to know is that Banyuls is an absolutely delicious, sweet, yet elegant fortified wine made mostly from the Grenache grape that comes in two styles: most common is "tuilé," an oxidative style that is typically aged for 5 years or more and "rimage," meaning vintage dated (only made in good years weather-wise).  "Rimage Mise Tardive," found on the label of this bottle, means that the wine was aged in large 1200 gallon barrels called foudres. These barrels give the wine a soft kiss of oak flavor and prevent the wine from coming in contact with a lot of oxygen.

When I say that Starbuck's mini cherry pie and Banyuls was nothing short of BRILLIANT, I mean it!  The BOMBDOTCOM!  Yes, I said it!  It ranks with one of the best pairings I've ever had because of how flawlessly the two combine. I seriously couldn't tell if I was tasting the wine or the food it was that good!  Both the wine and dessert are rich, sweet and creamy, creating a mirror-like effect.  The wine's strawberry, cherry, plum and dark chocolate nose is met by a baked berry explosion on the palate, perfect for the mini cherry pie.  The soft, velvety texture of the wine mirrors the buttery texture of the crust and has a nice touch of acidity that not only balances out the wine's sweetness, but also helps to cleanse the palate after every bite.  Finally, the wine's long finish (aftertaste) helps to prolong the flavor created by combining the two, producing an incredible experience.  Starbucks should seriously give me a call!  Cheers to two of my favorite things in life, coffee houses and wine!

Where to Buy the Wine:

Vegas residentsKhoury’s Fine Wine


Please let me know your comments in the section below!  What's your favorite item on Starbuck's menu?  Would you consider drinking wine at your local Starbucks?  Let’s chat!