What WINE Pairs With Drunk Texting?

Drunk Texting

What drunk texting looks like in Vegas....

The Story:

After poppin' bottles all night in one of Vegas' hottest nightclubs, you can find young men and women stumbling through the casinos with their shoes in one hand and cell phone in the other, drunk texting. Who are they texting, you ask? The person they just spent all night trying to persuade to come back to their room, of course! The text usually reads, "wanna hang out?" It's a last ditch effort to get some strange booty in a strange town at five in the morning. And when that doesn't work out, they'll stop every attractive person in their drunk mind on their way up to their room in hopes of getting some action. Vegas baby, Vegas!

The Pairing:

What wine pairs with drunk texting? Taittinger Brut Rosé Prestige from Champagne, France, of course! The term "poppin' bottles" refers to drinking lots of expensive Champagne while partying at the club. Since rosé Champagne is particularly popular with hip hop icons and pop culture at the moment, it's the perfect choice. The wine is full of strawberry, peach, mandarin orange and toasty notes with refreshing acidity and a creamy, seductive mouthfeel; helping her to feel sexy and him high class. Ladies love that it's pink and bubbly, while men love the fact that they look like a baller spending thousands of dollars on Champagne, both helping to increase the chances of a successful drunk text later that night. Cheers!

Where to Buy the Wine:

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OnlineTaittinger Brut Champagne Prestige Rosé NV 750ml

Vegas residentsKhoury’s Fine Wine


Please let me know your comments in the section below!  Are you guilty of drunk texting?  How do you feel about rosé Champagne?  Never tried it, like it, or love it?  Let’s chat!