What WINE Pairs With PMS?


Aunt Flow's in town for a visit…

The Story:

I wish I could describe what being on your period is like to men. Imagine if you will, the irritation of someone scratching at your skin nonstop for hours while simultaneously being kicked in the stomach. Add to that, road rage, wanting to commit suicide and crying for no apparent reason, all while having something jammed up your uterus. This is just a small glimpse of what it's like to feel PMS. You think you've got it bad, ha, picture being us! And don't even think of coming near a woman unless you're offering chocolate, wine, french fries or Midol, or all the above!  Cheers to Aunt Flow!

The Pairing:

If you're going to pair a wine with PMS, it has to make sense. Insert the 2006 Chateau Haut Selve from the Graves region of Bordeaux, France. The wine is a blend of Merlot and Cab, a.k.a MC; the initials for Menstrual Cycle! Perfect, right! Plus, the wine is full of blackberry, blackcurrant and that thing we so often crave around this time of the month, chocolate. It's a two for one if you ask me. You get your chocolate and wine craving fix in one dose.  Plus, the wine is smooth in texture and easy to drink. This is important when you're losing blood and need some sugar fast, in the form of vino. Additionally, the alcohol will help to soothe cramping and stop you from telling your spouse to pack their sh%it and get out. Drinking straight from the bottle is never allowed except in this instance when you're lying in the fetal position and thinking, to Hell with being ladylike. Bottoms up, literally!

Where to Buy the Wine:

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OnlineChateau Haut Selve Reserve 2006 750ML

Vegas residentsKhoury’s Fine Wine


Please let me know your comments in the section below!  How do you handle PMS?  Do you have another remedy?  Let’s chat!