What WINE Pairs With Your Mother In Law?


Monster-In-Law Day is Sunday!

The Story:

You've found the guy or girl of your dreams and are set to marry next spring. Only problem is you can't stand your soon to be mother-in-law. She thinks her child is God's gift to the universe and no one will ever be good enough. You try to bite your tongue when she makes inappropriate comments about how wonderful their ex was or stops by unannounced and attempt to reassure yourself that she's not the one you're marrying, thank God! She's lucky her child found you in the first place and you suddenly fear that one day you're going to break your silence and tell her off, and then there might not be a wedding after all!

The Pairing:

Lucky for you, I have the perfect solution to make sure your big day comes to fruition. It's called Lillet! Lillet is a rare beverage that consists of 85% wine and 15% liqueur from the Bordeaux region of France.  It's usually drank before meals as an apertif to stimulate your appetite, however, it's also used to quiet your mother-in-law's mouth by way of a high alcohol content. The wine is available in white and red versions, the red being slightly more bitter, like your mother-in-law's attitude towards you. Lillet rouge boasts aromas of oranges, spice and vanilla with flavors of raspberries, plum and cinnamon on the palate.  It's meant to be served cold, just like her heart, and on the rocks with a slice of orange, lemon or lime.  Additionally, the wine's bitter finish (flavor) lasts an incredibly long time, which is testament to a long life of putting up with her.  Drink up this Mother's Day!

Where to Buy the Wine:

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OnlineLillet Rouge Aperitif de France 750ml

Vegas residentsKhoury’s Fine Wine


Please let me know your comments in the section below!  Does this sound like your monster-in-law?  Or, are you one of lucky few who actually likes your mother-in-law?  Let’s chat!