What WINE Pairs With A Bachelorette Party?

What Wine Pairs With A Bachelorette Party?

The Story:

While women are anxiously awaiting that walk down the aisle, men are planning the ultimate bachelor party. Who cares about the wedding? To them, the idea of how crazy the night can get is the equivalent of dreaming up what Rio de Janeiro is like during Carnaval. They envision large Brazilian backsides and partying until dawn. Strippers, liquor and God knows what is on their minds. We ladies are just hoping you don't make a major mistake and sleep with a man, like something out of "The Hangover 2." Our idea of a successful bachelorette party is sipping wine, wearing a tiara and seeing a male revue. If heaven forbid one of the Chippendale's pulls us on stage, we cross our legs like ladies do and nervously grin while some hot man gives us a lap dance. No, we only have eyes for our soon to be husband and quickly text him moments later to see what he's up to. When he doesn't respond, we say a quick prayer asking the Lord to stop him from doing anything he'll regret and eagerly await his call, or the night to end.

Of course, this has been my experience of bachelor and bachelorette parties. I've attended both, oddly, and can say from experience that men are typically wilder at these events. However, occasionally, women have impressed me!

The Pairing:

Since I usually attend the bachelorette party, I like to pour JAQK Cellars "Her Majesty" Chardonnay. Why, you ask? There are several reasons. First, the bottle adorns a crown that pairs perfectly with the bride to be's tiara. Second, the wine is cleverly named "Her Majesty" and since she's followed around like a queen for most the evening, it makes perfect sense. The wine is crisp and clean like her virginity… ok, maybe that's an exaggeration for women of today, but she definitely doesn't get around, and the medium finish pairs well with her enthusiasm to get the night over with as quickly as possible. The wine is refreshing with plenty of citrus and mineral driven flavors and should be served cool, like her attitude is for not making her fiancé partake in a co-ed bachelor/bachelorette party. Cheers to hoping every bride makes it to the altar!


Please leave your comments in the section below!  Do you have any crazy bachelor/bachelorette party stories you want to share with us?  What is your ideal beverage to drink while out celebrating?  Do you grab a few bottles of wine like myself, or do you prefer pounding shots of Jagermeister like the guys from "The Hangover?"  Let's chat!