What WINE Pairs With Growing Up?

I turn 21 again tomorrow!

The Story:

Growing up sucks, except for the fact that no one tells you when to wake up or what to eat and you can legally drink!  I can have Lucky Charms with a glass of wine for dinner, but no one cares when you're sick anymore or begs you to call home when you're out at night. Come to think of it, it's pretty lonely. Plus, there's a whole lot of responsibility that I'd rather give back to my parents. Bills, dentist appointments, keeping a job and making sure you have plenty of toilet paper isn't as fun as I expected it to be. The reality is that you never stop feeling like your 19, even though the mirror says "yeah right!" As I turn another year older this Saturday, I just want my mommy!

The Pairing:

With age comes wisdom, like not getting my belly pierced in Mexico or pounding 15 shots of tequila in one night. Wish I knew then what I know now! I decided that this year I would celebrate my birthday by way of an aged wine, one that has some character and complexity from years of evolving, like me.

The 1994 Ridge Bridgehead Old Vine Mataro is not what you would expect out of California, but then again I'm not what you would expect from a certified Sommelier.  Referred to as Mataro in California, this grape is actually Mourvedre (more-VEH-dra), one of the great red wine grape varieties used in the Rhone Valley and Bandol region of France.  Typically, Mourvedre is used as a blending partner with Syrah and Grenache in what is known as a GSM (Grenache-Syrah-Mourvedre) blend.  However, this relatively unknown grape is likely to gain success on its own due to its uniqueness.  I like where this is going;)

The wine offers notes of jam, spice and pepper mixed with a savory, earthy quality.  It's well-balanced with a long finish, just as I feel my perspective is on life.  And as one winemakersaid it best about California Mataro, "there's a lot of Syrah here, and we can make slutty Syrah — it's ripe, people like it.  But when you compare the Syrah we can do here to the Syrah in the northern Rhone, it's not the same. The Mourvèdre can be world-class."  Cheers to being different and embracing a little age!


Please let me know your comments in the section below!  What wine best describes you?  How do you feel about getting older and do you celebrate with a little vino?  Let's chat!