Hawaiian Pizza with Wine

Hawaiian Pizza With WINE

The Story:

Do Hawaiians even eat Hawaiian pizza?  I know they like pineapple, but on pizza?  I decided to do a little research of my own.  Although Las Vegas is a long way from the gorgeous beaches of Hawaii, we have quite a large community of Hawaiian natives.  Many people I work with are Hawaiian and consider Las Vegas the "ninth island."  So why not ask them?  And that's exactly what I did.  My studies confirmed my suspicions.  Although the 7 unrelated natives I asked all like Hawaiian pizza, it's not their first choice when ordering a pie.  Pepperoni and sausage or supreme pizza were their favorites.  In fact, with a little further research, I found that Canadian Sam Panopoulos, owner of the Family Circle Restaurant was the first to make it.  Not surprising, really, since Canadian bacon is also included on the pizza;)

The Pairing:

Like my Hawaiian friends, I too prefer pepperoni or supreme pizza.  However, with temperatures reaching 113 degrees in Las Vegas, pineapple, something I usually associate with refreshing cocktails or days at the beach, suddenly sounded amazing on pizza.  So, I invited a few friends over, cranked up the air conditioner, grabbed a couple bottles of wine and went to town on that pizza!

The 2010 Eradus Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough region of New Zealand was pretty darn tasty with Hawaiian pizza!  This is classic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc at its best; grapefruit, citrus, guava, grass and green veggies!  The tropical fruit aromas found in the wine intensified the pineapple flavor and brought out the sweetness of the ham.  Additionally, the grapefruit and citrus flavors, along with contributing refreshing acidity, helped to cut through the saltiness of the Canadian bacon and fat of the cheese.  Finally, the wine acts as a palate cleanser in between bites and I enjoyed that neither the wine nor the pizza overpowered.  Everyone at the table had a smile on their face and licked their plates/wine glasses clean.  If that doesn't tell you something, I don't know what does!  Cheers!


Please leave your comments in the section below!  Is Hawaiian pizza your first choice when ordering a pie?  Do you usually drink soda pop, wine, or neither with pizza?  Let's chat!