What WINE Pairs With Being A Winner?

What WINE Pairs With Being A Winner?

The Story:

Feeling like a winner comes from your core. It's not something that an award or nomination can give you. Sure, everyone wants to think they're producing work that is worthy of recognition, but the accolades shouldn't define you. I personally define myself by my ability to give, my integrity, my ethics, the love I offer, and all that I stand for. These are the things that form who I am and no award, big or small, could ever give me the same satisfaction of knowing this. Truth is, we're all human and want reassurance sometimes. Recently, after not being nominated for what I personally deemed a prestigious award within the wine community, I allowed myself to feel the pain and within a matter of days, let it go. There's no sense in giving something else the power to determine your worth. It's a great thing to be recognized for something you've done, no doubt about it, but it's a moment in time. It's short lived and doesn't ultimately determine your importance in life.

The real award for me came from what transpired in the days that followed, after the nominee's were announced. Several friends including Joe Roberts from 1 Wine Dude (coolest wine blog out there), Wayne Kelterer from A Long Pour (who produces amazing photography and is an extremely talented story-teller) and Lisa Mattson from Jordan Winery (best visual behind-the-scenes look at a winery) mentioned my blog. Joe, especially, wrote an article titled "The Most Glaring Ommissions From the 2012 Wine Blog Awards Finalists." The love and support I received from these people was amazing and although I wasn't nominated for anything, they helped to make me feel like a true WINNER in the end. It's given my blog an added surge of attention and my only fear is that I'll never be able to say thank you enough.

The Pairing:

So, "What Wine Pairs With Being A Winner," you ask? Nothing short of the very best, Jordan Winery. Let me explain. Lisa from Jordan Winery, as I mentioned, helped win the award for "Best Winery Wine Blog" for her work behind its blog "The Journey of Jordan." Not only was she up against stiff competition, but Jordan really was the underdog with far less fans to gain votes. Why did Jordan win, then? Like the great Michael Jordan, it comes down to pure heart and soul; something every winner must have.  The winery opens up its doors to you every week with a transparent and visually pleasing look at how the wine began, the land, its owners, wine making techniques, stories, staff and culinary expertise. You get a glimpse into what makes Jordan such an amazing wine or place to visit and you get the feeling from the blog that it's more than just a brand; Jordan is a way of life.

Jordan Winery's dedication to producing the best wine it possibly can for more than 40 years, or like in Mike Jordan's case, working with his God given talent and always trying to improve his game, is what deems these two, winners. Even if you've never tried the wine, you'll fall in love with the people behind it. They're real, they're funny, they're honest and more importantly, they want for you the same thing that all of us want for ourselves...the enjoyment of a fantastic glass of wine!  Jordan Winery is a winner in my book, not because they won an award, but because of people like Lisa, who truly give you a glimpse of what they stand for.  Do yourself a favor, pour a glass of Jordan Chardonnay, pop a bag of buttery popcorn and watch a couple of their videos...I promise, it'll be a winning combination! Cheers!

Wine featured in this post:

2009 Jordan Chardonnay Russian River Valley, Sonoma, CA: This wine reminds me of eating a granny smith caramel apple while camping in the woods!

The wine is a beautiful yellow straw color with hints of gold.  After giving it a good swirl and sticking my nose deep in the glass, I notice a fresh lemon, apple and pineapple scent mixed with a hint of wet stones, or what we winos like to call, minerality.  But, after allowing the wine a little time to breathe, I get a sweet spice-like aroma of vanilla and caramel coming through.  Whenever I'm out hiking in the woods, I always give the trees a good whiff.  This wine reminds me of that scent; similar to bark on a tree and the crisp, clean outdoors. The one word that keeps coming to my mind is, fresh!  This freshness comes from a decent amount of acidity in the wine that you can literally smell, which I personally love.

After a sip of the wine, I enjoy its silky, buttery texture and round mouthfeel, however, it's not syrupy or heavy in anyway.  The apple and lemon come through again on the palate, as does butterscotch and touch of charred wood.  Even though this wine is quite high in alcohol, it comes across nicely balanced due to a refreshing amount of tangy acidity.  The acidity leads to quite a lengthy finish and suddenly I'm craving a bowl of hot corn chowder to accompany my wine! Cheers!