What WINE Pairs With Rejection?

What WINE Pairs With Rejection?

The Story:

I’ve come to realize that not everyone is going to think I’m talented, smart, pretty or funny. And although my daddy would confirm these things to be true, quite honestly, sometimes I have a hard time convincing myself of it. It seems like just when I start to “drink my own Kool-Aid,” life knocks me back down to reality. Suddenly, I’m not that great after all and I find myself searching for a little inner strength.

Why is it that rejection or failure does this to me? It’s not like I’m 19 and wanting some hot guy to pay attention to me. I’m a grown woman who should be past the insecurities. I’ve lived long enough to know my capabilities and strengths as an individual. Yet, somehow, I recently questioned everything. Not only did I have writer’s block, I looked at myself, my blog, my dreams… and wished I was someone else.

Who did I want to be? I don’t know, maybe someone more sophisticated and not so different, especially in terms of my blog and the so-called wine world. Why couldn’t I just take pretty pictures of wine bottles and talk about obscure varieties? No, I had to be funny and pair wine with Fruit Roll-ups or a break up. Who in his or her right mind was going to take me serious?

Truth is, I like pairing wine with Pringles or discussing what wine pairs with your mother-in-law.  That crazy girl in those photos is me. Sure, sometimes I’m embarrassed by wearing a turkey or hot dog costume, but I want to make you laugh in hopes that you’ll give wine a chance. What’s so wrong with that? Plus, there’s real knowledge from years of studying wine packed in those blog posts.

I’ve realized that I can’t be anyone but who I am, no matter how much I wish I was more like someone else.  I’ve followed my heart and gone off the beaten path… And come to think of it, when you’re out there trekking through the woods, blazing a trail, you’re bound to get a few cuts and bruises. Suddenly, it all makes sense!

Cheers to never allowing a little rejection stop you from pursuing your dreams or believing you’re not totally awesome! If you don’t believe it, who will?

The Pairing:

Facing rejection is hard. You need thick skin to tough it and Nebbiolo, the Italian grape behind such famous wines as Barolo and Barbaresco does just that. Like you, it’s one of the least known, magnificent wine grapes in the world.

Barolo, in particular, is known to be "the king of wine and wine of kings."  I figured it was perfect for keeping the belief alive that you rule no matter what!  And since you're going to be dusting that dirt off your shoulders; dirt being rejection or criticism, and moving forward with your life, the inherent earthiness of the wine is a perfect match. Plus, its exceptional layers of gorgeous flowers like roses and violets, plus hints of plum, licorice and tar lead to an infinite length of flavor, much like the possibilities your uniqueness holds. Finally, the wine’s bitter finish relates to it's time needing to age in bottle, just like the time you’ll need to get over the situation and possibly perfect your craft or self-image. This aging process also helps the wine to become more mature and ready to drink, get it? You must be patient and believe that someday your dreams will ripen and produce something as amazing as Barolo!

*Wine used in this photo: 2003 Cavalier Bartolomeo Barolo (Like a cowboy with a sweet side, this wine is full of red fruits, violets, black pepper, milk chocolate and earth on the nose, and raspberry, plum, spice and smoke on the palate. Nice acidity and extremely long finish... he's ready to take his boots off and relax! Drink Now:))