What WINE Pairs With A Horrible Boss?

What WINE Pairs With Your Boss?

The Story

It's Labor Day weekend and you had plans to get wasted with all of your friends in Lake Havasu. But, instead of flashing random strangers on boats and partying like a rockstar, you're stuck working for the boss from hell. He even expects you to come in on Monday, too. Isn't Labor Day the celebration of being off work? Hello! It's a national holiday so that you don't have to work! And to make matters worse, you're practically a slave to your boss, already. Although it wasn't outlined in the job description when you got hired, he expects you to pick up his coffee every morning, drop off his dry cleaning and even buy gifts for his girlfriend; knowing damn well you've never even met her and have no idea of her likes. You come in at 7 a.m. and often clock out at 9 p.m., staying late to finish the piling amount of projects he's given you. Little does he know that you have a plan… it includes rope, duct tape and a bucket to pee in.) See you in Havasu?

The Pairing:

After tying your boss up, you might not have a job come Tuesday morning, but you will have plenty of embarrassing pictures, "Hangover" movie-style, and random hook-ups to remember the weekend by. To make your plan perfect, have a bottle of 2011 Labor Wines Pinot Blanc from the Willamette Valley of Oregon chilling on ice. It's Labor Day weekend, so what better way to celebrate than with a bottle named LABOR Wines? The label displays a picture of two hands, signifying the fact that you've just tied your employer's togetherSure, you were nervous, but now it's time to pour yourself a glass and chill out by taking in the citrus, Granny Smith, pear, lychee and key lime notes in the wine. Labor Wines Pinot Blanc is bright and juicy, just like your last weekend of summer spent soaking up the Arizona sun and knocking back shots of silver tequila with lime. The wine has a round, full body, characteristic of all the muscular guys and girls with fake boobs or backsides you'll be seeing this weekend. Plus, the mouth watering finish is similar to the sense of thirst your boss is going to feel in few short hours, before anyone finds him. And, if all this wasn't enough, it's only $16.00, giving you plenty of cash to buy more booze, or help pay the bills while you're unemployed. Cheers and all kidding aside, please drink responsibly today! Happy Labor Day!