What WINE Pairs With Girls Night?

What WINE Pairs With Girls Night?

It was dubbed “A Day in Paris” and filled with everything French, except the stripper. He was half Asian and half white, but I’ll get to that later. My maid of honor, Sophia, went to great lengths to make sure every detail of my bridal shower and bachelorette embodied this theme. It’s a day I will never forget; one of the best days of my entire life.

We started with the bridal shower at Marche Bachuss, a local French bistro with a private terrace on the water.  This is Vegas so when I say water, I mean a man made lake. Nonetheless, it was gorgeous. I sipped French rosé and enjoyed a three course meal, tailored to my favorite French foods. Twenty or so of my best girlfriends joined me, as did my mother and my grandmother. The best part of the afternoon had to be when everyone stood up and introduced themselves and spoke a little bit about how they met me and why they loved me. Although the gift table was packed with presents, this was probably the best gift I’ve ever received. As my eyes filled with water, my heart filled with joy. Yet, as exciting as this all was, nothing could have prepared me for the evening ahead.

Sophia wanted me to be blindfolded for everything. She knows how much I love surprises and kept the entire day’s events a secret. Although I broke out in hives initially from being so nervous, it was exciting not knowing what was coming next. So, after enjoying an incredible lunch with my closest girlfriends, we headed off to the next event. This time we ended up at a celebrity suite at the Hard Rock Hotel. Once again I saw the faces of more friends, some from lunch and some not.  Music was playing and everyone was dressed in black, white and red, holding long, fake French cigarettes.  French sandwiches, bread, butter, pastries and one of my favorite geeky sparkling Austrian rosé's, Punkt Genau, was out for all the ladies to enjoy. There were plates, napkins, ballons and even candles with the Eiffel Tower and “A Day in Paris” on them. My favorite flowers were placed throughout the suite and once again, I was shocked.

I was told to bring a red dress and black heels. Immediately upon entering the room, Sophia told me to hurry up and change, that we didn’t have much time. I was smiling from ear to ear as I looked at myself in the mirror and thought of all my friends waiting in the living room.  I made myself take in the moment, knowing it was one of those times in your life you will never get back.  Outside the room a handsome “bartender” was making drinks for everyone. I had asked Sophia not to hire a stripper since I get embarrassed by these things. I truly thought he was a bartender until he asked me to have a seat and the music changed. Holy crap, was I in shock! As my girlfriends giggled and the ex-Chipendale did his thing, my mind raced back to my fiancé and how uncomfortable I was with someone else touching me. I tried to enjoy myself, the guy wasn’t at all bad looking, and waited for it to end. Sounds silly, but that’s the honest truth. I’m not opposed to looking at gorgeous men, but having them touch me is another thing altogether.

The stripper “Sexy Steve,” hung around a little longer, of course, flirting with all the gorgeous girls in the room. I opened more presents and then it was off to the stretch Hummer limo for an evening at Bank nightclub. I was already tipsy off bubbly and ended up dancing until 5am. I felt beautiful, sexy and loved. “A Day in Paris” turned out to be perfect. Santé!

Wine featured in this post:

Calling all rosé lovers! If you obsess over anything pink and enjoy a slight sparkle, you're going to love Punkt Genau! It's a frizzante (slightly fizzy), violet colored rosé from Austria, made from the country's red grape, Zweigelt. Although it's loaded with dried strawberries, rose petals, violets, spice and crushed stone, it's not sweet. The wine is well balanced with a clean and crisp, fruity finish and has a distinct femininity that pairs perfectly with girls night. Punkt Genau is pretty, fun and fabulous, just like you and your girls! Enjoy!