Dear Courtney: Advice on WINE, love and life from yours truly

Before I explain what “Dear Courtney” is about, let me share with you what sparked this new column on my blog.

“Tiny Beautiful Things – Advice on love and life from Dear Sugar” by Cheryl Strayed, is more than just a book. It’s essentially free therapy for only $14.95. So, what’s it about? People wrote in anonymously to an online column called “Dear Sugar,” asking for advice about all sorts of crazy, personal things. Some confessed an issue with stealing, others shared desires to cheat on their spouse and some even spoke about losing a child or parent. The author of the book is no psychologist, but the manner in which she responded was so heartfelt and utterly honest that at times, I felt like she was kicking people right in the gut… in a good way if that’s possible? The truth hurts, but sometimes we need it in order to move on with our life. Reading “Tiny Beautiful Things” will save you thousands of dollars and years spent on some shrink’s comfy couch. Do yourself or a friend a favor and pickup a copy. You won’t be disappointed.

Now, back to “Dear Courtney”. The book inspired me so much that I thought I’d create a column where you can ask your favorite costume-loving, candy-dessert-pizza-French fries and any occasion pairing Somm, a few questions about wine. Or, if you want to ask questions about ME, how to become a Sommelier, what’s so bad about Merlot, how to stay skinny and still drink wine, why rappers love Champagne… anything, feel free to ask away! Everything’s on the table!

You can ask questions by clicking the “Dear Courtney” link at the top of my homepage. The questions I select to answer will be published in their entirety, however, your name will remain anonymous and like Sugar’s column, as well as all of my blog posts, I will answer honestly and try to relate by sharing stories from my own personal life… and who knows, I may respond with a video post!

So, what are you waiting for? Ask away, here: Dear Courtney