Ring in the New Year with FatCork!

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and for me that means Champagne! Not Dom Perignon or Cristal, however! I personally prefer grower Champagne, which is produced by the tiny grape growers themselves on the very estates where the grapes are grown. Big name houses such as Veuve Clicquot buy their grapes from various small growers, thereby making grower Champagne the only Champagne that is truly an expression of the land it’s grown on.

Grower Champagne is the Champagne equivalent of a “farmstead” cheese. When it comes to grower Champagne, there is no better place to shop than FatCork. FatCork is an online wine retailer with a fantastic list of grower Champagne’s to choose from. They easily breakdown which Champagne would be best for you by either describing a style, price, region, gift idea or even suggesting what Champagne to drink with a particular group of food. Don’t hesitate to put your order in now so that you can drink these delicious bubblies in time for New Year’s Eve!!!

P.S. My ultimate New Year’s Eve pairing would be FatCork’s Perrot Batteux et Filles Helixe Blanc de Blancs and piping hot, salty French fries! Now, that’s how to celebrate!!!