Wine That Beer Drinkers Will Love

The Story:

I’m a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan. I adopted the team after living in Washington state for a couple of years in my early twenties. Most people here in Las Vegas are either Raiders fans or still represent their hometown team. Over the years I’ve been teased for rep-ing the Seahawks. Maybe there isn’t enough of us in Nevada, or maybe it’s because in past years we really weren’t much of a team. But through it all, I stayed loyal. In my opinion, we should have won the 2006 Super Bowl that I so nervously watched in angst. There were a lot of bad calls, no coach’s challenge and no automatic touchdown play review that could have ultimately won us the game.  So, this year, when my team came out and showed up all the haters, you can imagine my excitement for a possible chance at Super Bowl. It was a long shot, but hey, with Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch, plus a killer defense, it was definitely possible!  How we went from putting a beating on the 49ers with a score of 42 to 13, to then losing to the Falcons 30 to 28, to then having the 49ers come back and beat the Falcons fair and square is amazing to me.  Any given Sunday, right?  One thing’s clear, next year we’re going to be one hell of a team to beat!

The Pairing:

Many people are beer drinkers, I get it. I too love a crisp, bubbly beverage, especially at a sporting event. And since this Sunday is Superbowl XLVII, I thought, why not give the wine drinkers some options to drink instead of beer, and at the same time, discuss a few wines beer lovers might enjoy, which is where Villa Perini Prosecco from the comune of Treviso in the Veneto region of Italy comes into play. With a creamy mouthfeel similar to many lagers, this straight forward sparkling wine consists of faint stone fruit and floral aromas on the nose and is slightly bitter with a delicious apple flavor on the palate. And because beer drinkers like bubbles, they won’t be disappointed.  It’s easy to knock back a few glasses of Villa Perini since the sparkling wine isn’t too intense in flavor and works equally well with food.  Game day items like fried foods, hot dogs, nachos, Chex mix, honey BBQ wings, deviled eggs, finger sandwiches and many appetizers will work excellently with this wine. Additionally, Villa Perini has about the same calories as a light beer, an added bonus for all my ladies who don’t want a beer belly or the extra calories it contains!

A floral, grassy Sauvignon Blanc like Vinoce from Napa Valley, California would appeal to IPA or Pale Ale drinkers who look for that piney, grapefruity, hoppiness. Spinach dip or vegetarian, chicken or Hawaiian pizza would be excellent wih this wine!  And Stout or Porter drinkers should reach for a heavy Petite Sirah like Clayhouse from Paso Robles, California. It’s big, dark, bold and bitter with chocolate, plum, dark berries and roasted aromas. Bring on the BBQ’d meats! Cheers to enjoying wine instead of beer this Sunday! I should give a warning, however. Wine is much higher in alcohol than that of beer so be sure to drink plenty of water and fill up on tons of greasy foods!

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