Saignée – True “Blood”

I was nervous. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a serious fan of bubbly. If I had my way, I would drink champagne and other such incredible versions of sparkling wine like it was water.  I had recently reached out to Juliet from Green Orchid Events about co-hosting a ladies’ Champagne tasting. We both ended up inviting almost every woman we know to “Blushing Bubbles”. My anxiety wasn’t because of what could happen when you put multiple women on their menstrual cycle in one room at one time, or if a cat-fight over an ex-boyfriend would ensue; although these were justifiable concerns. I was nervous because I was afraid no one would show up.

Luck would have it that 40 plus women RSVP’d for the event.  Blushing Bubbles was more than generic pink bubbles from any corner of the earth. It was grower rosé Champagnes at its finest made by all women winemakers, courtesy of In reality, only 5% of France’s winemakers are women, yet 25% of FatCork’s portfolio is made up of Vigneronnes (lady winemakers). If I didn’t love FatCork already for selling strictly grower Champagne, this increased my infatuation.

The event took place in a private section of the Royal House, an older Las Vegas hotel that has been remodeled into a boutique style, vintage glam haven. We had songs like Beyonce‘s “Run The World (Girls)” blaring at high volume, much to Juliet’s dismay, along with classic Vegas decor, light appetizers and Champagnechocolate truffles generously provided by Gimme Some Sugar. More importantly, we had 3 unique styles of grower rosé Champagne being poured by a handsome bartender. The Champagnes varied in color, flavor and style and gave the many who thought all pink bubblies were created equal a second contemplation on what they’ve been buying and drinking.

The ladies spent a little more than two hours sampling the 3 rosé Champagnes: Perrot Battieux et Filles, Grongnet and Jean Baillette-Prudhomme, as well as taking pictures and listening to a short spiel from yours truly on the history of Champagne, how its made and why grower Champagne is so special. I chatted with the women throughout the evening about their thoughts on each wine and I was surprised by the differences in preference.

A select few loved the first Champagne, Perrot Batteux et Filles, as I did.  It was a lovely Champagne and exactly what I want when sipping rosé; elegance, minerality, lots of acidity and a hint of fruit.  Grongnet was probably the favorite amongst everyone. It was right in the middle of the three Champagnes in terms of color with considerably more fruit and sugar than Perrot Battieux et Filles, but not quite as much as Jean Baillette-Prudhomme.  What I personally enjoyed about Grongnet was its balance. The wine had just the right amount of everything and was quite food friendly with all the appetizers.

The final wine, Jean Baillette-Prudhomme Rosé de Saignée was amazing with the chocolate Champagne truffles. Saignée literally means “to bleed.” The clearest definition I’ve found is by Dictionary Central which states that saignée is: “a rosé wine that has a dark pink color; used to describe the process of pressing grapes lightly and not using this lightest-coloured juice, allowing it to run off, and then pressing the fruit again and collecting the darker-coloured juice. The higher skin-to-grape juice ratio results in a darker and more full-flavoured wine.”  Newbies to Champagne really enjoyed this wine, especially women who preferred a fruity wine. However, it was nice on my part to try it against the other wines since I had tasted it in the past.  A little heavy and fruity for my liking, but a nice way to round out the tasting.

Overall, Blushing Bubbles was a huge success! Each woman went home with a “Sexy Book” and champagne stopper from FatCork and one lucky winner also received a Champagne gift basket with all sorts of goodies. Likewise, “Champagne Diet” t-shirts sold like hotcakes! I had the opportunity to meet so many incredible women while simultaneously showcasing my admiration for bubbly. Juliet and I are now talking about hosting a chocolate and dessert wine tasting, as well as other potential events. Our friendship has grown tremendously and thanks to FatCork, so has my love for grower rosé Champagne. Cheers!

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