Sipping Into Spring

I’m not sure if people realize how much weather plays a role in choosing what wine to drink. Don’t you find yourself craving something warm and spicy during winter and a wine that is crisp and refreshing during summertime? See what I mean?

Although the Midwest is seeing a major snowstorm, flowers are starting to bud and temperatures are rising here in Las Vegas.  It’s during this time of year that I find myself reaching for wines that I like to call “Spring Sippers,” like this one, a sparkling rosé from Le Grand CourtâgeThis wine is an unusual blend of 3 grapes: Chardonnay and Ugni Blanc, which are white and one red grape, Gamay. Chardonnay adds structure and finesse to the blend while Ugni Blanc lends refreshing acidity. Gamay gives the wine its beautiful pink color and offers strawberry and raspberry flavors and aromas.

The bottle only states that the wine is from France, this could mean a number of things. One reason for the lack of specificity of region is that the grapes may not be the highest quality. Another explanation may be that since they’re blending grapes that aren’t combined together often, they weren’t allowed to use a specific designation under French wine laws. Whatever the case, the wine is an easy drinking Spring sipper with just a touch of sugar that makes me want to pack a picnic lunch of fresh berries, chicken salad, a French baguette and maybe a block of Brie. It’s definitely not Champagne, but the pretty label and $24 price-point make for the perfect introduction to Spring.

Don’t forget to Spring Forward and set your clocks back an hour early this Sunday!  Cheers!