Pineapple Upside Down Cake With WINE

Pineapple Upside Down Cake With WINE

I can't think of anything more refreshing and delicious than pineapple on a hot, sticky day. Additionally, anything that can make me forget I live in the desert instead of next to palm tree lined beaches is good in my book. Put pineapple in a dessert and add a little vino and I'm one happy wino!

Skittles with Wine

Taste the rainbow... The Story:

Seattle was beautiful, although it rained almost everyday.  I'd recently moved to the city by the sea for a guy that I had fallen head over heels for.  We met while he was on vacation in Vegas,  and the rest as they say is history.  Although I was excited to be in a new city,  I was lonely and homesick.   After several months, I found steady work and things were generally great.  The one problem we struggled with was communication.  When we argued, he wouldn't speak to me for days, weeks even.

One morning, after what felt like the millionth time of no communication, I packed everything I owned while he was at work and put it in storage.  I took a leave at work and flew home to Vegas.  Looking back, it was a childish thing to do.  I was running from the situation.  After a month in Vegas, we spoke and he paid to fly me back.  When I walked out of the airport and saw his face, I instantly knew I'd made the wrong decision and 6 months later, we were broken up for good.  It was a nasty breakup, and I thank God everyday that it happened.

Although my ex has most likely changed and grown as a man, Brandon, my soon to be husband, has shown me what it's like to be with someone who raidiates sunshine.  He's a rainbow in a dark sky; a streak of sunlight that shines through on a rainy day.  He's a beautiful man and more than anything, he's my best friend.  We hardly ever have an argument and when we do, we discuss it right then and there.  He the most selfless person I know and treats me like a princess, even four and a half years later.  He's everything my ex wasn't and a million things more.

Looking back, I was scared to leave.  I was afraid I wouldn't find anyone else.  If I had only known what was waiting for me on the other side of that door, I would have run through it.

The Pairing:

Sorry, I know that was a lot to read and that was just the short version!  I'll try to keep this next part short and sweet.  If you would like to sample Skittles with wine, go out and grab a bottle of Fresita Sparkling Wine from Chile.  It's ridiculously good!  The wine is a blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc grapes combined with fresh strawberries from Patagonia.  It's a delicious ruby red sipper that is great for brunch, lounging by the pool or snacking on Skittles!

After a throwing a handful of Skittles in my mouth and then taking a sip of the wine, I notice the strawberry flavor of the wine intensify the flavor of the strawberry skittles.  I also like that the wine isn't sruypy sweet.  It's balanced by a decent amount of refreshing acidity.  This acidity stands up nicely to the tanginess of the lemon and lime skittles and cleanses the palates in-between bites.  When it comes to pairing wine with candy, sugar can be a big issue.  You need a wine with enough sugar or more than that of the dish.  Luckily, Fresita and Skittles sugar levels were right on par.  Cheers and enjoy!

Where to buy the wine:

Fresita Sparkling Wine is available at Khoury's Fine Wine & Spirits.  Please call (702) 435-9463 or visit  They can ship anywhere and they sell out it quick!


Please let me know your comments in the section below!  Have you ever thought of trying Skittles with wine?  Or, have you ever left a bad relationship only to find someone a million times better?  Let’s chat!

Bananas Foster with Wine

I've fallen and I can get up!

The Story:

I never liked bananas until I tried them with liquor.  Now I'm a banana raging alcoholic!

Maybe it's the presentation or it could simply be the alcohol, but Bananas Foster has been a favorite of mine for years.  Watching this dessert light up in flames is enough to make anyone interested.  Just be careful not to burn the place down in the process!

The Pairing:

I chose to pair Bananas Foster with the 2003 Castelnau de Suduiraut Sauternes from Bordeaux, France.  Sauternes (SOH-tairn) is made from a blend of 3 white grapes, Semillion, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle.  If you're not familiar with Sauternes, it's a deliciously rich and honeyed dessert wine that is affected by noble rot.  Rot, you say!  I know it sounds bad, but this is a good form of rot known as Botrytis.  Botrytis dehydrates and concentrates the grapes, leaving behind the sugar, acids and minerals.  It's said to also impart its own flavors, which are characterized as savory.  The resulting wine is full of apricots, peaches and honey with a beautiful balance of sugar to acidity.

Sauternes is excellent with fruit based desserts, which is one of the reasons I chose it.  I also knew that I needed a wine that could stand up to the weight of the dish.  Since Sauternes has a syrupy rich texture, the wine married nicely with the richness of the ice cream and sauce, made up of butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, dark rum and banana liqueur.  The honey, vanilla, toast, citrus and dried apricot flavors of this particular bottling also married nicely with the dessert.  After a bite of the food and then a sip of the wine, I notice the banana flavor intensifies and the cinnamon really shines through as well.  At one point I don't know whether I'm tasting the food or the wine since they seem to have to become one in my mouth.  The zesty acidity in the wine cuts through the creaminess of the dish yet allows the flavors to linger on the palate for an incredible amount of time.  Freakin' delicious!  One thing I'd like to add is to be conservative on how much sauce you pour over your ice cream and bananas.  The wine, although sweet, will explode with less competition.  Cheers and enjoy!

P.S.  Sauternes can age for decades under the right circumstances.  Many professionals feel you shouldn't even open the bottle until it has a copper color, signifying that the wine has taken on more complex aromas.


Please leave your comments in the section below!  Have you ever tried dessert wine?  What was it and did you drink it alone or with food?  Let's chat!

Sweethearts with Wine

My *Sweetheart* The StoryYou've been working on your fitness and starving yourself to lose the excess Thanksgiving/Christmas weight.  So, instead of pairing wine with chocolates this Valentine's Day, I thought I'd give you an alternative that won't ruin that tight a$$ you've been toiling for!

The Pairing:

Sweethearts contain 3 calories each and 1 glass of sparkling Rose equates to about 90 calories.  Since Bougrier Rose d' Anjou is only slightly sweet and a handful of Sweethearts are only about 45 calories, you won't have to worry about getting fat this Valentine's Day.

Bougrier Rose d' Anjou has a mild nose of strawberries and raspberries and then explodes with flavor on the palate.  Although the wine is only slightly sweet, it works perfectly with the touch of sugar found in the Sweethearts.  I also love how neither competes with each other.  If anything, the acidity in the wine helps to intensify the flavor of the candy and then slowly strips the palate clean.  On this particular day I tried the Orange Obsession, Tempting Apple, Secret Strawberry and Passion Fruit flavors from a box of "Twilight" themed Sweethearts and all worked incredibly well with the wine.

Cheers, and remember, no drunk dialing today!!