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Hot Dogs with Wine

Ketchup, mustard or both?  Does the condiment with which you choose to top your hot dog say something about you?  For those who like mustard, are you bright and cheerful with a sharp edge?  Ketchup lovers, are you sweet and sour with a darker personality?  And what type of person would be categorized as loving both?  Someone with multiple personalities?  This doesn't include a host of other products out there like onions, sauerkraut, relish and jalapenos to top your hot dog with.  Personally, I prefer just mustard but I won't turn down a hot dog with both.  Every 4th of July, Nathan's Famous hosts a hot dog eating contest.  The defending champ Joey "Jaws" Chestnut won his 5th title in a row today by consuming 62 hot dogs and buns in ten minutes.  Sonya "Black Widow" Thomas also won the women's division by consuming 40 hot dogs and buns in the same ten minute period.  I get sick to my stomach just thinking about eating that many hot dogs at once.  Although, I may consider attempting the feat if poured a glass of perfectly paired wine!

Pinot Gris has been showing its chops alongside BBQ fare recently.  First, it was BBQ ribs and now hot dogs!  For those of you wondering, Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio are the same grape varietal.  However, Pinot Grigio (typically from Italy) is considered lighter in style and is usually medium bodied.  U.S wine labeled Pinot Grigio usually depicts this lighter style.  Pinot Gris is typically medium to full bodied with aromas of citrus, green apples, pears, peaches and a touch of spice.  The best renderings of this grape actually come from Alsace, France and are fuller bodied than the previous two.  I reach for Alsace Pinot Gris around Thanksgiving time when I can really play off the spice and richness of the wine.  Just to be safe, I topped my hot dog with both mustard and ketchup so that I could choose a wine that worked with both.  After a bite of the food and then a sip of the wine I notice the flavor of the bread spring forth.  I also really like the weight of the wine against the heaviness of the bun.  The touch of spice in the wine works amazingly against the spiciness of the mustard yet the fruit in the wine compliments the sweetness of ketchup.  The acidity in the wine also works nicely against the sharpness of the mustard and helps to wash everything down.  I personally prefer a white or rose wine that can be chilled for hot summer BBQ's.  However, if you're a red wine lover and want a wine that will work with hot dogs, reach for a glass of Oregon Pinot Noir.  Cheers and Happy 4th of July!!