WINE That Won’t Ruin Your Diet


The Story:

Why are skinny beotches always the ones who are most concerned about calories? But hey, maybe that’s why they’re so damn thin? One thing’s for sure, I definitely need to watch my intake this holiday season because between the honeymoon, being in love and the delicious treats everyone keeps bringing to work, I seem to be putting on a few pounds. And Lord knows I don’t want to turn into the girl who gets married and then a year later, her husband doesn’t recognize her anymore. That goes for you too, guys! No slacking at the gym just because you’re wifed up! Either way, a glass or two of wine at dinner time won’t kill anyone. Depending on the type, a standard 5 oz. glass runs about 125-130 calories. I’ll skip dessert–which can have twice the calories–for that!

The Pairing:

Bethenny Frankel from “The Real Housewives of New York City” hit the jackpot by selling everything from margaritas to cosmos and now even wine by naming the low calorie brand “Skinnygirl.” I’m here to prove “Skinnygirl” isn’t the only low calorie option when it comes to buying wine. In fact, wine isn’t very high in calories to begin with. To be precise, calories in wine can be determined by the amount of alcohol and sugar it contains. So, typically, the higher the alcohol or the sweeter the wine, the more calories it will have. “Wine Folly,” a fellow wine blogger, gives a breakdown of calories in a 6 oz. glass of five different styles of wine on her info-graphic: “Calories in Wine vs Beer.”  She also discusses the health benefits of drinking wine. Check it out for more information!

The 2011 Lorenza Rosé from Lodi, California is the ultimate wine for maintaining your diet and not becoming a fat cow this holiday season. The wine is owned and operated by Melinda Kearney, a Napa Valley winemaker with over 10 years of experience in the industry and her daughter, Michele Lorena Ouellet, who is a famous fashion model in New York. And since models and diets go hand in hand, I thought, perfect! Michele dawns her gorgeous face on the label of the dry rosé made from Rhone grape varieties. The wine is quite tasty and can be sipped on its own without food, yet still makes you feel like you’re enjoying fresh strawberries or cherries with a touch of spice. It’s medium bodied with a refreshing finish and is relatively low in alcohol, clocking in at 11.8%, which equates to about 95 calories for a standard pouring. Not bad, huh? Maybe you can have a crouton after all? Especially since Rhone style rosés are robust enough to go with just about any holiday spread! Cheers to no longer having to close your eyes when stepping on the scale!

On a side-note, for all you wine geeks out there, Lorenza Rosé is said to have fruit picked specifically for rosé production rather then run off fruit like most rosés. Just another reason to taste it, right?